This website is designed to give a basic explanation of the booking structure and use of the laser cutters situated within the University of Sheffield School of Architecture.

The school possesses two different laser cutters and A2 sized one and a larger A1 sized cutter. Both work in exactly the same way therefore this guide can be used for either one.

Although there are various different methods when it comes to using the laser cutter this website will illustrate the main and widely used method only. This includes:

  1. How to prepare to use the laser cutter
  2. Step by step cutting tutorial

Navigating the guide

One way of describing the laser cutting process is as a series of individual processes:

Click here for PDF version.

These stages should be easy enough to navigate using the menus at the top of the page, however, for the sake of simplicity you can use the keyword search bar on the top right of the page or the links below to get started:

 – Preparation

– Using the laser cutter